“We donate and shop at Goodwill constantly. We love the hunt, as well as the value! When my girls got gift cards to a major retailer last year, they refused to buy just about anything with them because they weren’t going to pay $30 for one pair of pants! They have learned well."

 “After eating lunch, we stopped at Goodwill. The people who work there are all very friendly and helpful. Shopping was a great experience for both of us.”

These comments from satisfied Memphis Goodwill shoppers are music to our ears! And these two customers aren’t alone. In 2012, Memphis Goodwill was voted the #1 favorite stores for vintage and used clothing, and we are thankful for that vote of confidence. When you see a Goodwill store sign, we want you to think “value,” “customer service” and “convenience.” Judging from our numbers, we have quite a few Memphis Goodwill fans:

2012 – 851,730 shoppers served 
2011 – 700,340 shoppers served
2010 – 591,055 shoppers served


If you want value in your purchases of clothing, household wares, books, furniture and other items, look no further than your neighborhood Goodwill store. Go to our Locations section to find the store nearest you! And thanks for shopping at Memphis Goodwill. Your purchases help us to train and employ people who want to work.


Colorful selections await shoppers in our newest Goodwill store location in Covington, TN. Did you know most clothing items are tax-free year-round in all Memphis Goodwill stores?