Vocational Rehabilitation Center

On August 4th,2010 Memphis Goodwill opened the Goodwill Vocational Rehabilitation Services Center, designed to offer job training for individuals who are intellectually and developmentally disabled.

The center, which is located at 3830 Austin Peay, was started in the beginning of 2009. Memphis Goodwill is well known for its drop off centers and retail stores around the city. However, the organization also has a history of training people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for entry into the job market.

Thanks to a grant from the State of Tennessee an unused 7,000 square foot section of the Austin Peay store was renovated into this state of the art Vocational Rehabilitation Center.

The center will help Memphis Goodwill continue its mission to train these individuals and help them become productive members of society.

Individuals served at the center will be enrolled in programs ranging in length from one to six months. These programs are designed to teach anything from basic life skills to specific job tasks, with a focus on positive development of appropriate job site behaviors. The center will serve as a great connector and support system for the families of these individuals by providing a social network and peer group to help them cope with the daily challenges encountered when supporting family members with disabilities. The center is actively seeking placement partners such as hotels, industrial companies and others, willing to employ program graduates.