Donated Goods

At Memphis Goodwill, your donations help change lives. A single donation can give up to 35 people a job and skills training. When you pull into one of our Attended Donation Centers to make a donation to Memphis Goodwill, this is what happens:

Donors are greeted within 10 seconds of arriving at the door. This is an important aspect of the training as it teaches our donor greeters time management, customer service and interpersonal relationship skills. Our donor greeters take the donations from our donors and begin the processing that is necessary to give each donation a second life with a new owner.

Once the donation has been brought in it is processed. Shirts, pants, shoes, purses, household goods, books, CDs, DVDs, toys and more are all put into separate totes for processing. Clothing is checked for holes, stains and other irregularities. All other items are checked for usability, defects and to make sure they work properly. This teaches our team members attention to detail and the importance of safety in the workplace, especially when dealing with glass materials and electronics.


From the processing area, items that pass inspection are sent on to their respective stations for cleaning, hanging, pricing or other jobs that are necessary to get the merchandise prepared for the sales floor. Some items are researched for value and checked for any special qualities that might enhance the price of the product. These steps teach the skills of attention to detail, the ability to follow directions (pricing directions), internet research and mathematics skills.


The gently used donations are then ready to go onto the sales floor. Team members will take the donations to the floor and put them in their respective areas in a clean and orderly manner that allows customers the ultimate shopping experience. This teaches team members organizational skills and customer service.




Once items are on the shelves, customers can purchase them.





They are taken to the cash register where team members ring up sales, merchandise is bagged and customers are sent home with their purchase and a warm glow from the satisfaction of knowing that their purchases have helped change lives by providing job training opportunities. This teaches team members mathematic skills, customer service, increases memorization skills and interpersonal interaction skills.



The same team members that put fresh donations out on the shelves also assist in the process of rotating donations. Because of the constant influx of new donations, items have a “shelf-life”. Once a donation goes on the shelf it is left there for a predetermined timeframe. During this timeframe if it is sold then it goes on to have a new life with a new owner.




Once a donation is rotated off the sales floor, a team member will send it via truck over to our Highland Avenue or Shelby Drive Half Price Center. All items here again have a “shelf-life”. If they do not sell, they are again processed and taken to the Bargain Barn at the Stage Road GoodNeighbor Center. Here items are sold by the pound for clothing and at an extremely discounted rate for other items. Anything that is not sold at the Bargain Barn is then sent to Memphis Goodwill’s Salvage Department.


Memphis Goodwill works hard to keep everything possible out of area landfills by giving them a second chance at a good home. Help change someone’s life by shopping or donating to Memphis Goodwill and help keep Memphis GREEN!!!!