Mission Areas



Memphis Goodwill joins with private businesses and government entities to offer training and employment opportunities to those facing barriers to employment. That’s our mission: to help individuals prepare and find work that moves them toward self-sufficiency and a sense of accomplishment. We partner with local businesses and government agencies to create job placement opportunities through our contract divisions. Specialized training is offered in our Vocational Rehabilitation Center, and we are part of the national Ability One/NISH program.

Commercial Contracts: Whether we are placing workers in private companies or government facilities, our goal is to train and supervise our Goodwill contract workers specifically to your company’s needs and requirements. Our Commercial Contracts division will train and place individuals to perform janitorial and housekeeping services, landscaping and grounds maintenance services, warehouse services and retail services. Current clients include Aramark, AT&T and Hilton. See the “HIRE” section of our website for details about these services.

Government Contracts: Federal and state guidelines require that at least 75% of employees hired to work under government contracts have a documented disability. We currently contract with the IRS Service Center, the Memphis Federal Building, the Jackson (TN) Federal Building, the Memphis VA Medical Center and various TDOT locations in West Tennessee.