Q: Who does Memphis Goodwill employ?

A: Memphis Goodwill employs residents of the Mid-South who face significant barriers to employment. These fine members of our community face physical, mental or socioeconomic challenges that inhibit their ability to find employment in some instances. We provide good jobs to good people. It’s the Goodwill way!

Q: How do I Donate my gently used goods?

A: Stop by any of our Attended Donation Centers or Goodwill GoodNeighbor Center in the Mid-South.

Q: What types of items does Memphis Goodwill accept for donations?

A: We accept gently used:

  • Men shirts
  • dresses
  • pants or shorts
  • shoes
  • furniture
  • electronic items, such as can openers, microwaves or blenders
  • books
  • children's toys or plush items
  • purses and accessories

Q: What tax benefits are involved?

A: Donated items and re-sale items in our Goodwill GoodNeighbor Centers are tax-exempt. Donors may pick up tax donation cards when they drop off their donation at any of our convenient Attended Donation Centers.  (Goodwill does not assess a value on donations for tax purposes. This is the responsibility of the donor and their tax advisor.)